Josh Bobillot's Online Portfolio

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Program Knowledge:

- Photoshop CS4 - 3dsMax 2010 - ZBrush R6
- Adobe Illustrator CS - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Share Point
- Adobe Premiere CS - Product Studio, TFS - Java script
- Microsoft Expressions - Unreal editor

- Experience -

Microsoft (FTE): Test Execution (TEX) - May 2007 – Sept 2014

Products worked on:- Windows Vista SP1 - Windows Server 2008 - Windows 7 -Windows 8/8.1

Position: Lab Engineer, Software Ops Engineer, Service Ops 1

Manually tested and verified daily build quality of Windows.
Designed and managed automated jobs and scripts to test daily build quality across hundreds of machines.
Collaborated with key feature teams to improve efficiencies, onboard Automation, and re-organize existing automated content.
Collaborated with developers and testers to resolve and validate various setup and testing failures.
Worked with debuggers to fix symbols and analyzed debug breaks.
Diagnosed, entered, and managed bugs into Product Studio and TFS.
Helped coordinate, setup, and build out some of the largest labs in Microsoft.
Managed team budgeting and ordering process for over $100k of hardware.
Interviewed, trained, and supervised contingent staff.
Helped train multiple new full time staff.
Designed small tools, graphics, documents, and web pages.
Improved quality of internal test tools by adopting early and collaborating with tools teams.
Created Training videos for internal tools which improved team’s efficiency and workflow.

: - Test X Team – Excell Services July 2005 – April 2007

Products worked on: Windows Vista - Windows Encoder - Windows Media Player 11

Position: Software Test Engineer / Web Designer

Designed and developed graphics and web pages for Test X home page.
Ran Daily BVT’s on Windows Vista.
Troubleshooting, and investigating multiple software and hardware issues at the same time.
Diagnosed and entered bugs into Product studio.
Kept a blog of issues seen on BVT machines in the lab that was posted on the Test X Home page on a daily basis.
Conceived and implemented various ideas, and processes that helped improve productivity.
Edited and worked with scripts that control automation.
Trained new members of the team.

Monolith Productions: - Parker Services Feb 2005 – July 2005

Product worked on: The Matrix Online (MXO) - A Massive Multiyplayer Online Role Playing Game for PC

Position(s): Live Events Team (LET)
- The Live Events Team is a dynamic group of people that are digital actors. The role of the LET is to assume a virtual identity in game and then play out a storyline, deliver information, or spawn a group of NPC’s to attack players.

Designed documents to increase productivity, using Excel and Word.
(Character sheets, Time Tracking excel docs, Daily Reports, etc…)
Coordinated with Coworkers to create large scale player events.
Developed scripts, speeches and talking points to progress the storyline.
Wrote macros on a regular basis to streamline in game actions.
Created new and interesting characters to add depth to the storyline.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Submitted, tracked and, closed bugs into DevTrack Web software.
Created, updated and executed test cases for specific areas in the game.
Used excel to write test plans, scenarios, and cases for ability testing.
Daily Smoke and Build Verification testing.

Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) - Volt Services Jan 2004 – Dec 2004

Products worked on:
Xbox titles
- Halo2 - Forza Motorsport - Rally Sport Challenge 2 - Jade Empire
- Fable - Phantom Dust - Conker Live and Reloaded - Blinx 2
- Cameo - Phyconauts - Unreal Championship 2 - Xbox arcade

Position: Software Test Engineer


Designed and produced the page layout for game manuals and guides.
Identified, reproduced, and documented bugs and negative factors.
Provided detailed and useful written feedback to project teams and Developers.
Ensured that every game has all necessary features to make it the best.
Created and designed Weekly flyers for Open Lab.
Mentored new members of the recon staff.

Sign Pro of Skagit Valley Jul 2003 – Dec 2003

Position: Lead Designer

Supervised small production team on installation of all graphics.
Scheduled and organized projects to accommodate client’s needs.
Produced all graphics for banners, signs, and vehicles.
Ordered and stocked materials for production deadlines.

- Education -

CGSociety Workshop Oct 2009– Dec 2009

- Modern Game Character Creation by Jonathan Rush - Online program

University of Washington Mar 2007– Aug 2007

- Advanced 3d Art for Games - Certificate Program

The Art Institute of Phoenix Jan 2000 – Dec 2002

- Bachelor of Arts - Game Art and Design Degree

> AIPX Certificate of Award (BEST PORTFOLIO)
> Students Choice Award (BEST PORTFOLIO)

Gnomon workshop DVD’s: Adobe Photoshop for digital production - Character UV mapping - Design and rendering - Digital Sculpting - Drawing the adult human head - Low polygon modeling and UV layout - UV mapping 101 - Texture painting… and others